Spicy Pineapple

about me!!!!!

hello welcome
its me FURRY SATAN!!!

nonbinary (use whatever pronouns ur heart desires)

in a relationship w the love of my life exo(silver) his website is here!

i am 18+ please be aware of that when you follow/interact with me

i am native (Mi'kmaq)

i am not neurotypical- ask me personally if you feel you have to know more information but please respect my privacy


before you follow/interact

just a psa: i generally don't tag things (i post a lot of pda, furries, animals etc.)

i would prefer if you hardblocked me rather than softblock so i don't refollow

pwease no fwollo if..

you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, uhh stuff like that

u are an ace/cishet inclusionist

you're going to drag me into drama over stuff/blame me for things

you post graphic irl nsfw/gore

you guilt trip people frequently

you are under 15

you don't like my boyfriend

contact information

discord: piczo #1947

line: espeons

PSN: uselessfoal

tumblr: piczo

twitter: PlCZO

private/vent twitter: SISTERMONNOIR

pokefarm: miltank


ill put stuff here eventually