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Welcome to the website of AVALON!
HELLO party people ... working very hard at making this a really nice place! This will most likely always be a work in progress, with things changing here and there! This is my third website that I have ever made, so I feel like I finally have the skills to make it look exactly how I want it to look and have fun doing it. I've always loved and admired web design (I used to use the platform piczo frequently before it got taken down- now it is my nickname of sorts!) and I am happy to be using neocities like I used that website back then. Please dont feel like you have to read all my pages! This website is pretty much just for my own amusement- I don't expect people to read my about page and I have gotten into the habit of just blocking people that I dont want to interact with me on the various social media platforms I participate in.

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special interests touhou pokemon type-moon drugs spirituality
fave things!! furries 2000s "cringe" JRPGS manga/anime
other faves! digimon my little pony slayers tcgs sonic the hedgehog
interests final fantasy kancolle toys / robots vocaloid tales of series

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