my favourite pokemon !!!!!!

my favourite shinies!!!!

my favourite pokemon cards!!!

my favourite pokemon games!!!

pokemon puzzle challenge!

This was the first game I ever played in the Pokemon franchise. I recieved it for my sixth birthday along with a purple gameboy advance (I got Pokemon Gold later that week with birthday money from family). I spent hours playing this game and to this day I still play it often. It is comforting and relaxing and very special to me!

pokemon colosseum!

This game really blew my mind when I first played it. I got it for Easter the year it came out and I can't tell you how many hours I sank into it. I love the idea of shadow pokemon- it's too bad that they were only included in this game and Pokemon XD (also for the gamecube, I would have added that game as well to this list but it is super similar to this entry). You start the game off with both espeon and umbreon! Those are my two fave pokemon of all time so it made me so so so so happy. The main character of this game Wes is super important to me as well!

other cool pokemon things!!!!

HOW COOL!! pokemon POGS!!!

pokemon macaroni!! I got to try it when it first came out and it was so awesome!!

pokegum! I collected the cards from pokegum before I collected the offical pokemon trding cards (I still have mine). I remember the gum didn't taste that good but it was so special to have.

pokemon trainers!!! (by otamago!)